Friday, June 4, 2010

Doesn't fall far from tree at Orchard Hills

While working on the story about the Geauga Park District's Orchard Hills Park in Chester Township I interviewed Jim Patterson, the family patriarch.

The Pattersons owned Orchard Hills Golf Course before they sold it to the park district.

Thing is, my late grandfather - Elgie Lee - worked at the course and for Patterson. So did my late cousin, Danny Lee.

Jim Patterson told me that many of the trees planted at the golf course - and which I saw on a short tour of the park - were placed there by my late grandfather.

It was gratifying to see (and I'm sure Grandpa Lee would be proud to know) that the pines and other trees have successfully taken root and grown to maturity. Hopefully, the park district won't mow down all of them in its effort to build a new park.

On the same subject, I once kept a black bullhead that I had captured as a real tiny fellow from Mogadore Reservoir. When the bullhead got too big for my aquarium, Grandpa Lee took it for release at one of the golf course's ponds. I'd like to think that the offspring of Mugwomp (as I named the bullhead) are there yet today.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn


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