Friday, February 4, 2011

Reporting the news, helps remind me what needs to be done at home.

The short time I've been with The News-Herald, I reported on many stories that haven't related to my personal life.
At "Give Kids a Smile" event at Lakeland Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic in Kirtland, I thought of my preschooler who I hope hasn't picked up my bad dental habits.
I have always been afraid of the dentist due to a bad experience when I was younger involving a "big" needle or so I thought it was.
The event today put on by Northeastern Ohio Dental Society and hosted at Lakeland's Dental Hygiene Clinic provided free dental services for children.
The first time in the event's history, they had preschoolers from Lake-Geauga Head Start programs. Most of the kids sat bravely in the dental chair to get their teeth examined and cleaned.
The hygienists and dentists reminded the preschoolers of proper brushing techniques.
I thought of my son during those moments and wondered, as a mom, if my fear of the dentist was affecting him.
He brushes his teeth twice a day, but I haven't put an emphasis on good dental practices.
Is he brushing properly or just going through the motions? What if he goes for his checkup and his teeth are in poor condition?
So tonight, when he brushes his teeth, I will tell him of those kids in the dentist chair and review proper brushing techniques I learned. The event reminded me how important this practice is.
Read next Thursday's edition when staff writer Janet Podolak gives a more in-depth look at dental health and the consequences of bad dental hygiene.

--Angela Gartner


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