Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Willowick kicks off summer program

On Friday, Willowick kicked off a new summer program centered around one main word – motivation.
During the opening ceremony at Manry Park’s Activities Center gym, the mayor spoke to all 235 kids between ages 5 and 12 about believing in themselves and knowing that they can do anything they want in life if they’re motivated enough, said Mike Necci, program coordinator for the recreation department.
“It’s a four-week program that we will be doing here and it’s one of the programs we implement with Recreation Department Director Julie Kless,” he said. “Two days a week, we will have a work-book day. This is the first time we’re doing this program and this company is called ‘I Believe,’ and is run by a teacher. It’s done in hospitals, they do this program all over, not just in schools.”
For more information on this program or others, contact Necci at 440-516-3011.

-- Cassandra Shofar


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