Monday, September 19, 2011

Done too soon

The David Crowder Band made its second of 48 final appearances right here in Willoughby Hills. He announced earlier this year that this will be the band's final tour and yet-to-be-released last album together. They simply want to do other things, according to the website. The thousand-or-so concert-goers gave the Texas-based group a wholehearted welcome and exhuberant send off.

There was obviously a lot of love in the room. The band is extremely talented - gotta love the dueling guitars during the "rock opera" segment - and some of us feel we have come to know the congenial, fun-loving guys because of their clever YouTube skits. But it was clear that Crowder was the one that everyone wanted to see (despite his signature stand-on-end hair being stifled under a ball cap).

Ten of his final shows already have sold out. I am driving all the way to Cincinnati to see the actual "7 Tour," with the likewise talented Gungor, John Mark McMillan & Chris August. One of his fans quoted in my video (below) suspects a solo album may be on the horizon. I certainly hope so. If not, I will always remember the passion for God, joy and spiritual intimacy expressed in his music and lyrics, in a way I've never heard elsewhere.

-- Betsy Scott,


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