Monday, February 13, 2012

A tale of Mentor police heroes, power outages & drainage woes

The latest Mentor City Manager report to City Council contains news about a potential sewer camera purchase to aid in alleviating drainage problems, the culprit for power outages in part of Mentor, clues that the city’s industrial strength is returning and some heroic efforts by police.

City Manager
• The Engineering and Public Works Departments coordinated the televising of approximately 3,000 feet of sanitary sewer pipe on SR306 from Ohio Street to approximately Bellflower Road. This was done, in part, to demo a sewer camera being considered for purchase and also to facilitate the sanitary sewer investigation on SR306. The Lake County Department of Utilities was also present during the investigation. A follow-up meeting was held Feb. 8 with Lake County Department of Utilities to review results and share information received since the last meeting. Dave Swiger, CT staff, and City Manager Ken Filipiak discussed with County staff cooperative efforts to reduce the factors contributing to sanitary sewer backups.
• Matt Schweikert, Councilman Landeg and the city manager met this week with representatives of CEI to review their recent efforts to identify the reasons for what appears to be a higher than normal occurrence rate of power loss in the “Presidents streets” area. The investigation revealed the main culprit is tree maintenance, which will be addressed as needed in the short term and to a greater extent in 2013. They are also evaluating other means to make smaller sections of the circuit in the area more reliable. Also discussed were preliminary plans for addressing the disruptions on Division Street.
• Grants Coordinator Abe Bruckman is helping to draft a resolution to submit to affiliate outside groups (Mentor Marsh Board, Audubon, and CMNH) for consideration of support of a proposed Wildlife Management Strategy within the city.
• Industrial vacancy in the City declined approximately 32 percent, from 1.9 million sq. ft. to 1.3 million sq. ft. compared to the same period last year.

Police Department
• On Jan. 31, the Lake County Association of Chiefs of Police presented Patrolmen Kuret, Gerber, Smelcer, Bruening and Alvord with its Life Saving Award. This award was presented to Ptl. Kuret and Gerber for keeping a female alive with CPR after being pulled from a car until the Mentor Fire Department arrived. Ptl. Smelcer, Alvord and Bruening administered CPR and used an AED on an unresponsive male with no heartbeat until the Mentor Fire Department arrived. Both outcomes were favorable.
• During a routine traffic stop last week an officer smelled the odor of burnt marijuana emanating from a vehicle. A search of the vehicle resulted in more than 100 ecstasy pills, marijuana and $5,180 dollars. The driver was arrested and charged with trafficking in drugs, possession of marijuana and various traffic offenses.

Fire Department
• On Feb. 9 at 8:37 a.m., paramedics were called to Pathways Inc. located at 7350 Palisades Parkway for amputated fingers. A female worker at the facility suffered an amputation injury of two fingers when a heavy door was accidentally closed on her hand. Paramedics transported the patient to Cleveland Metro General Hospital in hopes that a micro surgeon will be able to reattach the digits.
• Interviews for Part-time Firefighter/Paramedics are being conducted with 25 candidates scheduled for interviews.

Finance Department
• Audit field work was completed this week for much of the compliance phase of the city’s 2011 audit, including single audit work for federal awarded grants. The city had expenditures of close to $2 million during 2011 for projects that received federal assistance. The auditors will vacate city hall after this week and return in April to complete the audit of the 2011 financial report.

Engineering and Building Department
• SR2 Widening Phase 3 — The contractor has removed the wall section located inside the northeast corner of the SR 615 interchange. In addition, lighting work is proceeding on the SR 615 ramps and may be functional by mid-March.

Parks and Recreation Department
• The Lagoons Marina has rented almost all of the wet slips for the upcoming season. This usually doesn’t happen until just before the season begins. The work is moving along on the addition to the boat ramp, and should be complete well before the mid-April deadline.
• The pre-bid meeting for the Senior Center roof replacement was held Feb. 9. The meeting was attended by five prospective bidders. The bid opening is Feb. 23.

Economic and Community Development
• Ron Traub, Kathie Pohl and Tom Thielman met with representatives of Burges & Burges Strategists regarding the City’s Economic Development advertising strategy and formulating a marketing plan for 2012.
• Tom Thielman participated in his monthly Small Business Talk Radio Show on WELW 1330 along with his co-host Dale Stefancic. Dale is owner of “Entrepreneurs on Call” a small business which helps motivate entrepreneurs and provides them with business consulting services. This month’s show included highlights about recent Mentor Incentive Grants, as well as, information regarding other new developments in Mentor.
• Ron Traub met with a Mentor business owner interested in purchasing and redeveloping a retail property in the Old Village.

Public Works Department
• The Public Works Activity Highlights this week were: Marina boat ramp — ongoing; storm sewer repairs — Chapelway at Johnnycake, 9445 Beavercreek and 8726 Warrendale; walked and cleaned ditches — Catalpa to Hoose, Hoose to Goodell and Bellflower to Sycamore; completed cleaning of box culvert under SR 306 carrying Two Town ditch; located residential lateral — 5976 Galaxie; pothole patching; lowered inlet and regraded swale — Bernard at Little Mountain; drainage improvement at 6121 S. Cedarwood to keep water from driveway; conflict monitor testing 30 percent complete; fabricating “For Sale” signs for Ron Traub; tree pruning on city property; Senior Center ceiling tile replacements.

-- Betsy Scott,, @ReporterBetsy


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