Friday, May 18, 2012

High school student meets challenge of senior project head-on

"A journalist is a machine that converts coffee into copy"
~Michael Ryan Elgan

I found that quote one day when I was trying to figure out what to type for my Senior Project Proposal, a paper Mayfield makes every student planning to go on a Senior project write, and it has basically become the motto of my internship at the News-Herald.

Leading up to the start of my Senior Project, the days weren’t going by fast enough. Now, it seems they are going far too quickly. It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been here nearly two weeks. It was a little nerve-wracking those first few days, walking into the newsroom as a lone teen in a sea of adults, but I soon figured everything out. Everybody was so nice, and willing to answer any questions I had, which was a huge help.

By the end of the first week, whenever someone was going out somewhere, they were coming up to me asking if I was busy, or would like to go with them. I went to at least one thing just about every single day, with the only exception being that first Monday, because I was sitting in the corner, and everyone sort of forgot I was there. It was kind of funny when one of the writers mentioned that to me a few days later.

Being a lone teenager in the adult world is a very daunting thing, though it was made a lot easier by everyone being so kind to me when I arrived. The next Monday was much different than the first, especially because, walking into the newsroom, I found that I was no longer the only teen here. I was joined in my journalism adventure by Maria, a student from West G. It was a totally different feeling, the shadow becoming the leader, as I introduced Maria to the world that I had hardly even begun to figure out myself.

It’s so strange to think that I've passed the half way point of my internship here. I’ve learned so much over the past week and a half from everyone; especially the writers that I got to go out with and spend time really talking to one-on-one.  I’ve gotten to sit in on interviews, and was even offered to help out with one or two, as well as write and tape the NH Newsbreak. That itself was a challenge, seeing as how I tend to get nervous very easily. It worked out okay, though, and people seem to enjoy it, which is always a nice feeling.

Everyone is so nice, and I’m having such a good time here, I wish the end wasn’t so fast approaching!

-Jordyn Miller


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