Monday, April 1, 2013

The latest on Turkey Watch in Mentor

A baby that wouldn’t wait for paramedics, a criminal who couldn’t hide from the law, and the latest developments on the city’s Turkey Watch — those items and more in the most recent Mentor City manager’s memo to City Council:

Fire Department
• On March 29 at 12:22 a.m., paramedics from Station #1 responded to a woman in labor and found a baby already born in a van. Paramedics transported mom and baby boy to the hospital; both are doing great.

• On March 22 at 4:36 p.m., Mentor Fire Department responded to a three-car MVA on Center Street and Mentor Avenue. One person was treated and transported to Lake West Hospital.

Police Department
• Officers located a male, who was wanted for a felony warrant and other criminal charges, at his home on Meldon Drive. When officers entered the home, the male was hiding in a bedroom and refused to surrender to officers. K-9 Titan was on scene and the suspect was ordered numerous times to surrender. The suspect refused to cooperate and Titan was sent in to the room to locate the suspect. Titan found the suspect and pulled him from his hiding spot. The suspect received bite marks on his arm and leg.

• Six juveniles and one adult were located inside a vacant house on Hart Street. The juveniles and adult illegally entered the house and were having a party. Alcohol was found in one of the bedrooms. Everyone was arrested for criminal trespass and the adult was also charged with underage possession of alcohol.

Parks and Recreation Department
• The elusive turkey is part of the daily activity of the Natural Resource Specialists and, to date, it has not been captured. Since it is considered wildlife, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is ultimately responsible for the removal of the turkey from the area. We will be proposing to ODNR the idea of hiring a professional trapper on Monday.

• City Council is an integral part of the community and the driving force behind CITYfest. The Recreation Department is working hard and needs your help to secure volunteers to work at CITYfest. Please contact Bob Martin, Parks & Recreation with names of business owners that we can contact about sponsorships.

• The first of six “50th Anniversary Lectures” is scheduled for Thursday, April 4 at Wildwood from 7-9:30 p.m. All who signed up for this lecture will learn why Mentor was “A Grower’s Paradise.” All lectures are sold out.

Manager Comments 
• The City has been informed by the Ohio Public Works Commission that our grant/loan for the Plaza Blvd. Extension project has been approved. The district approved a $450,000 grant and $450,000 loan. We anticipate the project will be able to go to bid soon after July 1.

• The Administration will be proposing a significant revision to its Off-Street Parking and Loading ordinance that will head to the Planning Commission for their next meeting. Changes include parking space requirements and rules, accommodations for bicycle parking, parking surface requirements and residential parking changes. This is the next phase of the long-term goal of updating our zoning code.

• This week the city collected $200,000 in TIF revenues as part of the first half real estate settlement distributed by the Lake County Treasurer. The TIF fund balance is now over $1.4 million. We appropriated $1 million in this year’s budget toward the cost of the Plaza Boulevard extension.

Economic and Community Development
• Tom Thielman participated in the annual U.S. Small Business Administration — Cleveland District Community Development Corporation lender roundtable. CDC’s from throughout the State of Ohio attended and provided an update on activities, issues, upcoming legislation regarding SBA lending, advocacy, and strategies for the future.

• Congratulations and Best Wishes to Carol VanKorngut, administrative secretary for the Department of Economic and Community Development, regarding her retirement after 25 years of service.

• FEMA is in the process of revising the flood insurance rate maps for the entire US Great Lakes Coast. As part of the study, FEMA contractors will be performing land use reconnaissance surveys in Lake County. While in the field, the Contractors will make every effort to stay on public land and rights-of-way; however, it may be necessary from time to time for the engineers to enter upon privately owned property for short periods of time to gather survey information.

Should this occur, they will make every attempt possible to contact the homeowner in advance and seek permission. The field crews will be in and around the area from April 8 through 12. Upon request, the engineers will identify themselves by employee ID badge, driver’s license and a letter of introduction. City of Mentor Engineering and Building Department personnel will be coordinating these efforts and any questions should be directed to the department.

Public Works Department
• Snow operations
• Garfield Park pool bathroom renovations and ballroom renovations
• Replaced ped pole at SR 306 and SR 2 that was hit by motorist
• Black Brook Golf Course – stump removal at driving range; storm sewer installation
• Storm sewer televising - Hart, Maple and Murray
• Prepping soccer fields
• Wildwood Cultural Center interior improvements
• Completed playground inspections
• Met with Parks Dept. staff to review Division of Public Work’s support for CITYfest

-- Betsy Scott,, @ReporterBetsy


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