Friday, April 18, 2014

How to fold a fitted sheet — and other organization tips

The first in The News-Herald's three-part series "Clean, Green Spring" took place April 15. Kim Croyle, who writes the blog Get Organized With Kim, shared some tips on how to get your home organized as you embark on spring cleaning.

First, a video: Learn how to fold a fitted sheet in 1 minute:

Here are some of the tips Kim shared during her presentation:
  • If you're not wearing it or using it, get rid of it — no matter if you've never worn it or it's in good condition. Donate it to someone who will use it.
  • No one wants to be stuck inside the house cleaning when the weather is nice. Take advantage of the weather by tackling your outdoor projects.
  • Create a dumping ground for when you come in the house, but set a limit for it. Everyone needs a place to put whatever they have with them when they come in the house, but you cannot let it take over your space.
  • If it goes in the garage sale, it does not come back in the house. If it doesn't sell, donate it or throw it away.
  • Everything in your house should have a home. If you can't find a place for something, consider whether you really need it. If you do really need it, find a permanent place for it.
  • When you're organizing your space, find a method that works for you. If an organization scheme is not a part of you, it is not going to stick with you. 

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