Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby, it's going to be cold!

This is one of those square peg postings looking for the proper round hole.

No matter.

The word from the National Weather Service is that we can expect late autumn wintry weather over the next few days. Highs will struggle to stay in the low to upper 40s: Or well below the seasonable average of the low to mid 60s.

And low temperatures will dip to below or near freezing.

If you have any tomatoes or other veggies left in the garden then today would be a good day to pick them. Wrap the tomatoes individually in newspaper and store in a cool, dry location. You'll be surprised at how they will mature and it is entirely possible that you'll be eating the last of them for Thanksgiving Day dinner.

As for precipitation, look for a rain-snow mix starting tonight and going through Saturday night.

Time to toss a log unto the fire, snuggle up with a warm comforter and enjoy a cup of hot soup/tea/chocolate.

Hopefully we'll see an improvement in time for Halloween and trick-or-treating.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn