Monday, March 7, 2011

Willowick flooding to be addressed at Tuesday's meeting

Well, as winter thaws out, let the flooding begin.

While Willowick is only one of many cities struggling with flooding issues in the recent weeks, it’s residents continue to ask the city for clearer answers.

“I have lived here over twenty years and have been flooded with raw sewage three times in the last five years,” said Nick Paradise, who lives on Willowick Drive, via e-mail. “This has become a most serious problem, both financially as well as the health issues involved with dealing with other peoples sewage pumped into your basement.”

He added, “We are at the end of our rope and don’t know where to turn, with the high taxes we pay in this city, we should not have to live in constant fear. Perhaps Willowick needs to examine it priorities and put the health and safety of its citizens first, ahead of sports, recreation and other non-essential expenditures until they solve this serious problem.”

Last week, after 54 reported flooded basements, Mayor Richard Bonde asked Willowick City Council, the city’s street, sidewalk and sewers committee, and sewer and stormwater task force to work with the city’s engineer and service department in looking at the flooding problems on a case-by-case basis.

Following that examination, the group would formulate a list of residences that experience chronic and severe flooding and those homes would then be eligible for work to alleviate the problem at the cost of the city.

But Bonde did emphasize only the worst affected basements would be considered.

“I believe if your basement has a little bit of water by your basin, that’s not severe,” he had said. “If you’ve got water in the corner of your basement, that’s not severe. But if you have raw sewage in your basement, you’ll go to the top of the list. It’s a health issue.”

Tuesday, the city’s Streets, Sidewalks & Sewers Committee and Sewer & Stormwater Task Force of Willowick City Council is holding a meeting at 7 p.m. to discuss basement flooding.

Perhaps as a team, both residents and the city can find a solution ... only time will tell. Check the News Herald on Wednesday or for a follow up article on Tuesday’s meeting.

-- Cassandra Shofar


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