Sunday, March 4, 2012

My thoughts are with Chardon

The tragedy in Chardon last week touched thousands of people - probably millions as people all over the country tuned in to learn what had happened.

It's emotional. It's horrible. It's sad. And it's real.

The families who have lost their children - their teenage children.... I just can't begin to imagine what they are struggling through.

I attended Daniel Parmertor's funeral Saturday and was amazed by the massive amount of support and love the community showed to their neighbors.

I stood with the community and cried with them as the Parmertor family made their way into the church to say their last public words to their son, brother, grandson or cousin.

Many of those who lined the street expressed that there truly were no words that could be used in a situation like this. Nothing that can be said to comfort those who have lost so much, nothing that can be shared that takes the pain away.

And so, there is nothing that I can say to alleviate the loss and the anguish. But I do keep the families in my heart and in my thoughts.

When I went back to the office after his funeral had ended, and the time came to put the day into words... I found a way. I cried a little more, as Daniel's prayer card sat (and remains) wedged in a crevice in my phone on my desk.

I don't know Daniel. I don't know anyone from Chardon. But I know, to a lesser extent, what they're going through.

I have no children, I have not had to bury my kids. I have had friends that were too young pass; cancer, alcohol, drugs.

Daniel, and my friend who died in the 7th or 8th grade, Danny, were taken, and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

It truly is a tragedy. My thoughts go out to everyone in Chardon, the Parmertor family and the families of the other victims.



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