Sunday, June 17, 2012

A hike in the gorge

Anyone who has to work on Father's Day or Mother's Day or any of those family-related holidays is probably not jumping for joy about it. But this time around I really can't complain.

My assignment to cover this Sunday was the Gorge Hike at Lake Metroparks Penitentiary Glen in Kirtland. It's been quite some time since I've gone on a hike, probably just as long as it's been since I've gone camping - a few years. (At least an intentional hike, getting lost doesn't count).

A small group gathered for the hike and welcomed me and NH photographer Jeff Foreman without any hesitation.

They accommodated us when we wanted to run up ahead of them to get some good shots, and when we fell behind, too.

The hike lasted about an hour, although we were told it usually takes closer to two. Reason being, usually more people show up for the walk in the woods, but it seemed as though the weather may have scared some participants away.

Luckily, the rain held off just long enough for me to get back to my desk at the News-Herald office, and our hike was mostly a dry one.

We did walk through a shallow stream that I was told at some points during the year can be knee-high. That apparently doesn't stop the hikers from their destination.

The experience was pleasant, and fortunately no breaking news happened while I was hanging out in the woods.



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