Monday, July 30, 2012

Mentor faring well in hunt for OPWC funds

OPWC money could be coming Mentor’s way for some major road projects, the city’s unemployment rate sneaks up, and H&M opened at the mall. Find out what else is going on in the city in the latest Mentor city manager memo to City Council:

Manager Comments 
•    Pre-applications for Ohio Public Works Commission Issue 1, Round 27 funding cycle were filed on June 15, 2012.  The results of the applications were very successful for the City of Mentor.  Both the SR 306 Concrete Repairs (Funding amount - $99,900) and Hoose Road/Kings Hollow and King Memorial Rd. Resurfacing and Culvert Replacement Project (Funding amount - $282,400) were approved.  The Plaza Boulevard Extension (Funding amount $900,000) is partially funded and perhaps will become fully funded pending availability of funds.  Final applications will be filed in early October.

•    The unemployment rate for Mentor increased 0.3% (5.8%), ending a three-month decline in June 2012 (Mentor’s rate was 6.8% in June 2011).  In Lake County, the unemployment rate also increased 0.6% to 6.5%.  Despite the increase, the City has the lowest unemployment rate for any community in Ohio over 50,000 in population.  The unemployment rate in Ohio also increased 0.5% to 7.4% in June 2012.

 •    The City’s financial audit exit conference was held this week.  The City’s independent auditor rendered a favorable, “unqualified audit opinion” on our financial statements for the fiscal year ended Dec. 31.  The audit scope covering grant activity revealed no significant audit deficiencies or findings.

Fire Department
•    Friday, July 20 at 10:31 a.m., paramedics responded to an apparent self-inflicted gunshot injury.  They arrived on scene to find their patient DOA and evidence of a single penetrating injury.  The scene was turned over to the police department for their investigation.

•    On Friday, July 20 at 8:47 p.m., paramedics responded to an intentional drug overdose. Paramedics provided advanced care and transported the patient to Lake Health in stable condition.

•    On Monday, July 23 at 10:49 a.m., paramedics responded to an apparent suicide from a single gunshot wound to the head.  The patient was found DOA and the scene was turned over to the police department for their investigation.  This was the second fatal self-inflicted gunshot injury in four days.

•    On Monday, July 23 at 2:50 p.m., the Fire Department was requested via MABAS Box 1711, along with 10 other fire departments to assist Eastlake Fire with a house fire.  A homeowner and two males working in the home were injured in the fire.  The fire was ruled accidental and appears to be the result of a worker’s leaky propane torch.  The home suffered major damage.

•    On Tuesday, July 24 at 9:06 a.m., the Fire Department was called to assist Mentor-on-the-Lake Fire Department with a house fire.  The fire was quickly brought under control and the cause is under investigation.  There were no reported injuries.

•    On Tuesday, July 24 at 4:31 p.m., paramedics responded to another attempted suicide involving a male who was located inside the home with pills ingested and a vehicle running inside the garage.  Paramedics provided advanced care to the male and he was transported to Lake Health in stable condition.  Fire crews ventilated the carbon monoxide from the home.

•    On Wednesday, July 25 at 7:41 a.m., paramedics responded to a motorcycle accident on Blackbrook involving a male who was treated and transported to Lake Health in stable condition. There were no other injuries reported.

•    Three days of Incident Command Training was conducted at Concord Fire Department (July 23– 25) for officers from Lake County Departments including three officers from Mentor. 

•    The 4th Annual Matt Henk Baseball Tournament was held on Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, July 29 at the Mentor High School fields.  The International Association of Firefighters Local 1845 (Mentor Firefighters’ Union) began the tournament to raise money for the family of Matt Henk, a Mentor Fireman who died from cancer in 2009.  He left behind a wife and twin daughters. 

Police Department
•    A female was arrested after an investigation into recent thefts of sterling silver jewelry at Kohl’s.  The suspect stole 116 pieces of jewelry, valued at over $6,000, over the past month.  She was arrested at her apartment and charged with Receiving Stolen Property.

•    Suspect Philip Crouse was arrested for stealing items from vehicles.  Crouse stole items from vehicles parked at Longo’s and Buffalo Wild Wings.  Crouse was out on bond from a previous Mentor theft case when he committed the recent thefts.  Officers immediately identified Crouse from surveillance video.

•    The police department held its annual auction  July 21.  There were 94 registered bidders for the auction that sold 154 items.  We collected $2,536 from all the items sold.  Items sold included forfeited, abandoned and found property, along with evidence from criminal cases that have been adjudicated in court. 

Economic and Community Development
•    Ron Traub met with representatives of several companies contemplating expansions within the city or relocations from elsewhere.

•    Ron Traub attended the “ribbon cutting” for H&M at Great Lakes Mall.  This 17,000 sq. ft. retailer will employ approximately 95 individuals on a part & full-time basis, and represents a “major step” in re-tenanting the Mall.

•    Stoneybrook Lane/Garfield Road Culvert Replacement:  The culvert under Stoneybrook Lane is now installed.  The contractor has currently completed about half of the culvert installation under Garfield Road.  Two-way traffic is being maintained on Garfield Road with temporary signals installed on each side of the culvert work zone.

•    SR 2 Repair Work: ODOT is preparing to begin the concrete pavement repairs (cracks in pavement) on SR 2 between SR 91 and SR 306.  The construction work will occur primarily at night between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m.  Their contractor is currently mobilizing and setting traffic maintenance signs.  Work is scheduled as follows:

o    The work in the eastbound direction involving lane closures will begin this week during the night time hours between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m.

o    The westbound work involving lane closures will also occur primarily at night.  However, some daytime hours are listed.  This work is scheduled to begin Aug. 20.

o    Short-term SR 306 ramp closures and part width construction are scheduled to begin Sept. 28 and are scheduled to be completed by November 2012.

Parks and Recreation Department
•    The new vending machines are being placed in the facilities that were serviced by Sanese.  The machines should be operational by the end of the week.  The new company is ABC Refreshments and the contact is Patrick McGinty.
•    Our Natural Resource staff has created a Deer Survey for residents to complete.  Information regarding the survey will be placed on the website, Channel 12, Facebook and the quarterly Special Edition.  You will be able to complete the survey on the website.  It will be a 20 question survey and should not take any longer than 3 to 5 minutes to complete.  

•    Due to the great weather we have seen this summer, our camps are proving to be the best summer fun for the kids with our numbers up by 200 over the best year we had for camps.  The pools have seen an increase in attendance from the 40,865 5-year average to 54,077. 

•    The Senior Center’s monthly lunch event is now being sold out with 160 people attending each month.  The Mentor High School Baseball Team helps serve at these events and the Mentor High School Football Team helps with special events.  On Sept. 15, the Senior Center will be holding its annual Volunteer Luncheon.  Don’t forget the Senior Center serves lunch daily. 

•    The Sunshine Skating Competition was held at the Mentor Ice Arena this past weekend with 250 competitors and went very well.

•    The Ice Arena is holding one additional week of camp called the “Last Hurrah Camp” during the week of 8/20 – 8/24.  There are 26 children signed up and they will be skating each morning and then taking a field trip.  There are plenty of openings and you can sign up your child or grandchild for one day or all five days.   

•    The Ice Arena will be holding its 30th Anniversary Party on Sept. 15.  They are planning to have inflatables and games in the East Rink before they get ready for ice.  The staff is holding a brainstorming meeting later this week to start preparations for the event. 

•    The Ice Arena/Figure Skating Club is putting in a bid to the United States Figure Skating Association for the Adult Nationals Competition to be held in April 2013.

Public Works Department
•    7311 Colt – Drainage Improvement Project – complete
•    9283 Cherrystone – Drainage improvement Project - complete
•    6573 Forbes Court – storm sewer repair – complete
•    Deer Ridge – repair of four inlet basins – 90% complete
•    Plaza Blvd. at Dillards – emergency repairs made to traffic cabinet due to vehicle accident
•    Center Street Bridge over the tracks – removed thirteen sidewalk panels as part of the sidewalk program – scheduled for concrete pour next week
•    Walsh Park – entrance sign construction – ongoing
•    6605 Pear Tree – removed sediment at outlet cage
•    Storm Sewer Cleaning – St. James and Pear Tree

-- Betsy Scott,, @ReporterBetsy


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