Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A statement from Stan Heffner

For those of us wondering what Stan Heffner, former Ohio superintendent of public instruction and longtime Madison Schools superintendent, has to say for himself after resigning Saturday amid ethical questions, here is a statement he issued afterward:

"Much needed components underway in Ohio’s schools are too important to let anything get in their way. Because I don’t want opponents of reform to be able to twist mistakes I’ve made into roadblocks to Ohio’s reform efforts, I’m stepping aside to deny them even the chance of doing that. Under the State Board of Education’s succession plan, starting at 5:00 pm on Friday, August 10, Michael Sawyers, Deputy Superintendent, will begin leading the Department of Education until the Board names a new state superintendent.

"I’ve loved working with my friends and colleagues at the Department. I think they’re some of the smartest, hardest-working and compassionate people I’ve ever met. I wish them every success in following through with the improvements we’ve set in motion to help all of Ohio’s kids. In my 38 years in this profession, I’ve always put the best interests of students ahead of the desires of adults and the complacency of institutions, and that includes me."

This statement didn't make it into the AP story we ran on his resignation in Sunday's paper. John Charlton, a spokesman for the Education Department, initially said he couldn't elaborate on the retirement resignation letter, according to the AP article. However, the statement later was emailed by Charlton to certain members of the media.

-- Betsy Scott, BScott@News-Herald.com, @ReporterBetsy


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